In-Depth Research

In the download link at the bottom of this page, you can get a pdf report that discusses what was learnt from sample implementations of the Smart Locker system. This is a paragraph from the summary of the report that you might find valuable. This was a particularly significant finding that helps illustrate how the system can benefit your school.

“Contemporary research indicates that heavy backpacks are a common contributor to student back pain. One way to address this problem is to ensure that students have easy access to their lockers, a provider of personal space to store items during the school day. The Smart Locker project was conceived to do just this by providing an easy method for schools to maximize locker accessibility for students. The system’s effectiveness in improving the accessibility of lockers in common secondary school designs was tested in the current study. The test results indicated the “Smart Locker” system’s locker assignments requiring, on average, over 50% less distance for midday visits than the lockers that were assigned randomly, leading to the conclusion that the “Smart Locker” system of locker assignment does indeed significantly increase student accessibility to their lockers over a random system of locker assignment. Adding to the strength of the study’s findings is the fact that the efficacy of the smart locker system was demonstrated for student locker configurations in three distinct secondary school designs.”

Here is a sample histogram from the pdf report.

Bargraph 3