Smart Lockers in the News

The Centre Daily Times recently published an article about the Smart Locker system and its positive impact in State College, PA. The article also shares the story of the system’s designer, Noah Kaplan.


Here is a quote from the article:

“‘It’s kind of complex,’ Kaplan said. ‘The simple explanation is that when I developed it I made a path algorithm and found the shortest paths for every student going to classes and assigned a locker on the paths, so that they can easily visit their locker.’

Students have noticed the difference.

‘It’s been really nice, because [my locker]’s right next to my study hall third period,’ senior Renee Olivett said. ‘I never really could use my locker before, so this is awesome and really cool to see him take action and do something like this.'”


If you would like to read more, the complete article is linked below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 6.36.11 PM


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