About sLockers

The Problem

Conventional locker assignment systems assign student lockers next to student homerooms, which are often not within close proximity of student classes. Consequently, students commonly have difficulty in accessing their lockers during the day. Such inaccessible lockers lead to increased student backpack weight, tardiness, and stress.

The Solution

The Smart Locker system of locker assignment maximizes student locker accessibility. By assigning lockers in line with student walking routes between midday classes, it gives students utmost ease in visiting their lockers during the day. This effective way of assigning lockers through the Smart Lockers system is called the sLockers schedule-optimized locker assignment plan (SOLAP).

The Smart Locker System Advantage

By assigning lockers using the Smart Locker System’s schedule-optimized locker assignment plan (SOLAP), students will have lockers that are in close proximity with their classes. Such accessible lockers would lead to lighter student backpacks and decreased student tardiness, back pain, and stress. Furthermore, since the Smart Locker system assigns lockers based on student schedules, students with like schedules will have close lockers. This will allow alike peers and friends to have lockers close to each other.

The Designer

The Smart Locker system was designed by Noah Kaplan — a high school senior who has experienced back pain from heavy backpacks. His driving goal is to decrease backpack weight and make healthier and happier students.


 Click here to see an infographic about the Smart Locker System.