A Real World Example

For the 2014-2015 academic school year, the Smart Locker system was implemented at State College Area High School in State College, PA. It replaced the old system of locker assignment, which assigned lockers based on homeroom.

Compared to the homeroom-based system of locker assignment, the Smart Locker system assigned student lockers that required, on average, 68 meters less walking distance to visit. With such a gain in locker accessibility, the system garnered critical acclaim.

Here is a testimonial from State College superintendent Bob O’Donnell:

“Noah’s solution has improved everyday life for our 2,300 high school students. Specifically, the tool he developed has allowed us to sync each student’s locker assignment with her/his schedule in a manner that optimizes proximity to the most scheduled classrooms possible. The true evidence of Noah’s success lies in the very positive response we’ve seen from our student body.” — Bob O’Donnell, State College Area School District Superintendent of Schools

Here are some student testimonials:

“I never used my locker during my freshmen, sophomore, or junior year because my locker was simply too far away from any of my classes. I just carried all of my textbooks and binders in my backpack. But now my locker’s right in between my lunch period and my Physics class, and I can always visit it to store any materials I don’t need.” — Lucas Calvert, State College Area High School student

“It’s really useful because unlike previous years, I actually have a locker next to my classes. In fact, this is the first year I’ve actually used my locker to store things.”  — Ignatius Liu, State College Area High School student

“I thought it was really smart and very useful especially for people like me who have used a locker every year!”  — Elise Bingaman, State College Area High School student